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Choosing the Wrong Personal Injury Lawyer can Hurt

Experiencing an injury at work or through the irresponsibility of another can be very demoralizing and stressful.  However, it is very important to select the best lawyer for your case without letting emotion or feeling like you need to make a quick decision cloud your judgment.

Research is crucial; does the firm you select typically represent the individual/plaintiff or the company/defendant?  Do they have a reputation for compassion?  How are they reviewed online and are they knowledgeable with your type of case?  A preemptive consultation can help narrow down your search but be prepared for either short appointments or one done over the phone; the best attorneys can also be the busiest and lack of free time shouldn’t be seen as a red flag.  Determining what the attorney can do for you when you are an active client is the goal.

Some other items to look for when choosing a personal injury attorney include the decision to choose a lawyer who specializes in a variety of suits vs just the specific area affecting you and your case.  An attorney who settles out of court typically vs one that takes cases to trial.  Does your attorney have a proven track record of generating victories and settlements for their clients? Are they a member of any National groups or have the right resources and connections to give you an advantage?  Have they spoken as a representative of their field or published?  Do they have examples of past cases to provide?

Once a suit has been filed many aspects of your case will be set in stone and not every personal injury lawyer is like the other.  It is important to not just look at the basics or be fixated on an outcome but to choose the best overall attorney for your specific industry, company, injury, location and then begin to focus on other aspects such as rate of work charged and expected outcome/compensation.

You’ve already been hurt by unexpected circumstances – don’t’ get hurt again by choosing the wrong attorney!

Estate Planning – Don’t Put off Until Tomorrow What You Can Do Today!

Estate Planning is one of those areas where everyone agrees that it is important and it is something that should be done, but it tends to get put off until the magical “one day” arrives!

Why is that?  Why do people always want to put off such a fundamentally and financially sound thing to do?  Well, for some people its just part of human nature to procrastinate – for others it’s simply too challenging for them to face their own mortality.

Whatever the reason, estate planning is a part of life that should not be ignored.  No matter if you only have a few possessions or if you have a legacy to leave your children, it is important to make sure that nameless strangers are not put in charge of your affairs after your time here on earth comes to an end.

According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, “We all know that having an estate plan is good for our finances and for our heirs. But many of us fail to put a plan in place—for fear of facing our own mortality, among other reasons. And those who do have a plan often make mistakes that can lead to familial and financial problems down the road. The Experts, a group of finance professionals and academics, weigh in on what they see as the biggest mistakes people make with estate planning.”

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An Attorney is Essential for Small Business

In addition to an Accountant, an Attorney is a necessary partner to your business, one who provides key insights to everything from forming your business all the way through to the more obvious needs such as lawsuits and litigation.

However, if you have an Attorney as part of your team, their main objective is to provide preventative advice.  Many business owners think of the use of attorneys as something to be done as a reactionary measure only, when Attorneys can also check the pulse and overall health of a business and keep them aware of the biggest “risks” and how to avoid them.

You will need to take a look at your business, where it is now and where it is going to identify the types of business law you will need assistance with.  These needs can include:

  • Contract Law: The different forms you will use for employees, clients, vendors, etc.
  • Business Organization Law: What type of business provides the least risk and is most appropriate, where to form, by what means can you create startup capital?
  • Real Estate: Leasing vs. ownership, contract negotiation, document review.
  • Taxes & Licenses: Registering for tax identification number, staying aware of tax consequences of different actions.
  • Intellectual Property: Registration of products and intangible creations.

Some businesses find it prudent to keep an attorney on retainer.  This means that the correct legal talent is always at your disposal.  Or, if you are a smaller business located in one state, it may be prudent to research the best attorney and work with them on a case by case basis for the different items your business needs.  In any event, it is always best to have a relationship with an attorney BEFORE you need one!

Please call us today so we can show you how we can assist you with your business!

If I already have a Will, Do I need Estate Planning?

Estate planning is a much broader concept than just having a will.  Many people have a “one and done” approach and believe that if they have a will, that covers everything.  However, various life changes could mean that your will could become outdated, and if you are unfamiliar with the Estate laws in your State, the provisions of your will could cause issues for future generations.

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