Questions on Personal Injury

If you are involved in an auto accident, a slip and fall on private property or are otherwise injured due to the perceived action or inaction of others, the first impulse is to go through the Civil court system to seek compensation.

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How to Make Estate Planning A Priority

Estate planning is something that always seems to go on the tomorrow list.  It is something that people don’t want to deal with and more than half of Americans do not currently have a will.  Now, this is a problem, as the state will step in and decide what happens to your estate.

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Choosing the Wrong Personal Injury Lawyer can Hurt

Experiencing an injury at work or through the irresponsibility of another can be very demoralizing and stressful.  However, it is very important to select the best lawyer for your case without letting emotion or feeling like you need to make a quick decision cloud your judgment.

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A Will is Important

What Happens if You Do Not Do Estate Planning

No matter how old you are, your current health condition, or your net worth, it is in your best interest and your family’s for you to do estate planning. Estate planning isn’t a one-time event: as your estate and family changes, you might need to make tweaks to your will, your living trusts, and the beneficiaries listed on your assets.

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